DO YOU THANKWEED? If so, please join The THANKWEED community and be part of our movement! We are a grass roots organic community that shares gratitude for cannabis and all of its positive benefits and uses worldwide.


The THANKWEED community is designed to provide a safe place for people to share any and all ideas, media and conversation that shows gratitude for cannabis! The THANKWEED community welcomes everyone and appreciates expression. If you are a grandparent, mother or father, son or daughter or grandchild we would love for you to share your experiences with Cannabis and how it has positively affected you or the life of another.


Whether its medicine, cuisine, art, music or culture at large, cannabis plays a significant role in all. Through shared education and information THANKWEED will work very hard to ultimately take away the negative connotation on Cannabis and focus on only the positive.


THANKWEED recognizes the many people who have been positively affected by Cannabis and the pioneers that are shaping the modern weed world. Science, innovation, skills and passion are boundless and visible in the products and services available to the world.


To show our thanks for supporting the THANKWEED community we pledge to share our proceeds with our Cannabis research partners globally. Let us together use the power of gratitude to share information, thoughts and ideas to spread the word about Cannabis. Please join our growing community and PASS IT ON...